Welcome to Stuffed! Here’s What’s On the Menu

Under the “Other stuff” category, STUFFED! Burger Restaurant offers two types of sandwiches, a veggie burger, and a rib burger. The first item in this category is the spicy fried chicken sandwich, which goes for $11. The spicy grilled chicken sandwich is made up of pepper jack cheese, jalapeno cabbage slaw, and sriracha aioli. The next item is the “SEARED AHI SANDWICH” which is priced $2 above its predecessor at $14. The ingredients in “SEARED AHI SANDWICH” include lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion, and avocado aioli.

If you are more of a veggie type, you’re probably thinking about what STUFFED! Burger Restaurant has for you. Well, precisely what you would expect- a fantastic veggie burger!. STUFFED! ‘s “VEGGIE BURGER” features an excellent combination of black bean and portobello, mushroom patty, avocado, jalapeno 3-cheese spread, lettuce, tomato, and stuffed sauce. As a veggie-lover, this is everything you would hope for- a fantastic veggie burger at a reasonable price. The last item on the” OTHER STUFF” category is the “BRAISED SHORT RIB BURGER.” This burger is the highest-priced item on the entire menu at $16. consists of burger patty topped with short rib, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, and horseradish creme fraiche.


“MAC N’ CHEESE” is priced at $8. The choices of sauce available include; classic, spicy, and white. If you would like some more topping, you can add jalapeno, tomato, caramelized onion, or blue cheese for $1. Alternatively, you can choose to add peppered smoked bacon, fried onion straws, or portobello mushrooms for $2. Other topping choices available include grilled chicken for $4 and burger patty or braised short rib for $5.


There are three side dishes available at STUFFED!, that is, tater tots, fries, and fried onion straws. Under the “SWEETS” category, they have fried Oreos and ice cream float, both priced at $5.

STUFFED! Burger Restaurant is committed to ensuring that what’s inside your burger has near impeccable taste. So whether you choose the simple “POW” or “WHAM” burgers, or opt for the slightly more sophisticated “SLAM”,” BANG”, or “BOOM” burgers, you can be sure it’s something worth getting your hands dirty. Generally, the burgers are medium cooked and juicy. The burger sizes are decent, and the tater tots are cooked well and seasoned just right. The fries are perfectly crispy. STUFFED! Burger restaurant is one of the better value per dollar restaurants around Liberty public market (it’s right next door to the Collection Company’s local office). All in all, their food is fantastic, and their customer service is excellent.

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